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ASID understands that interior designers are by trade a diverse group of creative professionals with expertise that ranges from industrial design to organizational behavior, art history, graphic design, project management and furniture and textile design. These are just some of the specializations that contribute to the rich experience of the interior design community.

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Associate Membership Qualifications

Eligible individuals are practicing interior designers who can demonstrate six years of full time interior design experience and provide a college transcript reflecting a minimum of an associate’s degree in a subject other than interior design.

Demonstrated Work Experience

Those applying for Associate status must demonstrate their work experience by submitting ASID Work Experience that document six years of full-time interior design work experience.

The forms must be completed by representatives from at least two of the following four categories:

Existing interior designer member of ASID.
Existing Industry Partner representative member of ASID
Current or Past Employer
Current or Past Clients

Demonstrated Higher Education

A copy of an official college transcript, either in paper or electronic format, verifying course completion and credit hours is required.

Continuing Education

ASID bylaws and policies require all practitioner members (Professional, Allied, and Associate members) to meet the Society’s continuing education membership requirement. For ASID members who need continuing education for state licensure renewal, all continuing education taken for your licensing renewal can also be applied to the ASID requirement. Check with your state regulatory board or agency for requirements.

Application Process

Applicants should complete the application and send it back with all relevant work experience forms and transcripts. ASID will not accept applications that are not complete. The application process may also be done online if the applicant has all work experience forms and transcripts available in electronic format.

The correct use of the ASID appellation supports the value of membership. All members agree to follow specific guidelines, including the use of the Society’s name when identifying themselves to the public.

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